PARDISO 5.0.0 Solver Project


Introduction into the PARDISO Project (Version 5.0.0)


The package PARDISO is a thread-safe, high-performance, robust, memory efficient and easy to use software for solving large sparse symmetric and unsymmetric linear systems of equations on shared-memory and distributed-memory multiprocessors. The solver has has been licensed to tens of thousands of researchers at international scientific laboratories and universities since its first release in 2004.

Features of the library version: Unsymmetric, structurally symmetric or symmetric systems, real or complex, positive definite or indefinite, hermitian. LU with complete pivoting. Parallel on SMPs and Cluster of SMPs. Automatic combination of iterative and direct solver algorithms to accelerate the solution process for very large three-dimensional systems.

The PARDISO Version 5.0.0 has been released in January 2014. It contains full support of multi-threaded Schur-complement computations and full support for parallel selected inversion. The new features are described in the

Additional publications related to PARDISO are available on the webpage of the research group of Olaf Schenk.

Important: Please note that the Intel MKL version of PARDISO is based on our version from 2006 and that a lot of new features and improvements of PARDISO are not available in the Intel MKL library.

PostDoc and PhD positions: Our research group at the Institute of Computational Science is offering several postdoctoral and PhD positions focusing on high-performance computing and computational science.