PARDISO Version 5.0.0 Download Area

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PARDISO Version 5.0.0 (OpenMP Version for Multicores Nodes)

Architecture Compiler Operating System PARDISO Libraries
Architecture x86-64 icc/ifort 13.0.1 Linux
Architecture x86-64 gcc/gfortran 4.6.1 Linux
Architecture x86-64 gcc/gfortran 4.7.2 Linux
Architecture x86-64 gcc/gfortran 4.8.1 Linux
Architecture x86-64 icc/ifort 13.0.1 Linux, MPI
Architecture x86-64 mpicc/mpif77 4.5.0 Linux, MPI
Architecture x86-64 mpicc/mpif77 4.6.1 Linux, MPI
Architecture x86-64 mpicc/mpif77 4.6.3 Linux, MPI
Architecture x86-64 mpicc/mpif77 4.7.2 Linux, MPI
Architecture x86-64 icc/ifort 10.1 Windows
(with optimized BLAS/LAPACK from Intel MKL)
Architecture x86-64 gcc/gfortran 4.7.1 MAC OSX 10.6.5 libpardiso500-MACOS-X86-64.dylib

Other libraries can be compiled upon request.
Please let us know in case that some of these libraries are not working for you.

Thank you for using PARDISO! We provide the solver in the hope that it may be useful to others, and we would very much like to hear about your experience with it. There also exists a mailing list for the PARDISO project. Here, we post announcements, and users can submit their comments, bug reports, questions etc.